Embossed Polycarbonate sheet - 1.8mm Clear (per Sq.mtr)

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  • Weight 1000 Grams
  • Brand: Saro

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  • Quality Product
  • Advanced Technology
  • Eco friendly


  • Weight 1000 Grams

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All our products are made of either PP/PS/PET and are above 40 microns.
Throw the used disposable items into separate bins and send them to the recyclers.
Saro Group is in the plastics business for more than 3 decades. We are certified by industry standard bodies such as CRISIL, ISO. We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team and a Quality Inspection Team and many Quality Engineers who work round the clock to continually improve. We have an effective Quality Policy in place.
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Polycarbonate is one of the most advanced Polymers in the field of Plastics today. They offer unparalleled blend of desirable properties such as high impact strength, transparency, Light weight, flexibility, durability, and thermal resistance.
• Light Transmission up to 90 %for Compact clear sheets.
• Impact resistance : 80 times that of Glass and 15 times that of Acrylic sheets.
• Temperature resistance ranges from -40 to 120 deg. C.
• Light weight : Only 1/12th of the weight of Glass of the same thickness.
• Anti - yellowing : with UV protective cap layer.

  • These plastic pots are used in home gardens.
  • These are designed and manufactured maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • It is very attractive to grow plants. It has large drain holes to soak water.
  • This planter is suitable for indoor use like bedroom, living room, office desk, dining table and as well as outdoor use like terrace.
  • These are designed to be durable, easily stock-able, with large drain holes and are cost effective for the grower.

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